International Front Runners is an affiliation of GLBT running/walking clubs that have organized in many of the larger cities around the world. Inspired by Patricia Nell Warren’s novel The Front Runner, the first FrontRunner club began in San Francisco in 1974, and other FR clubs quickly began forming in the United States then in Canada and abroad. Today, we are a global organization.

As a chapter in San Antonio, we are committed to bring the community together through exercise, support our local businesses and charities in our area through volunteerism, and organize social events for our members.

Though currently we only meet on Sundays; that is subject to change.  As membership grows we will be adding another Run/Walk day during the week (currently seems like there is no Diablos sports on Thursday), and Run/Walk routes could change upon consensus. We are in talks with a local sporting good store to not only offer a discount to us on their everyday running attire, but to take advantage of their free clinics to runners at large.

Volunteerism is the best way to bridge the gaps in our community. Though we have ideas as to the charities and businesses which can benefit from our support, we welcome any ideas you might bring to the table. Your input is welcomed.

The idea to incorporate a running group to Diablos was born simply because there was a need. All sports recommend cross training. All sports recommend extra cardio exercises. You as members of Diablos could benefit from having a running group with which to incorporate an exercise routine as cross training with people from an organization you already love. The idea floating around is that the other Run/Walk day of the week would be organize in such a way that at the end, there would be an option to finish close to a place where to congregate and socialize.

As a member of one of the sand volleyball teams, I have over the course of 4 seasons come to understand what Diablos OutSports Organization is all about. Their goals are very similar to ours in support of our local GLBT and community at large. It was just a matter of time before we our paths crossed and with the support of the board members, Diablos FrontRunners became a reality. Still incorporated to the International Front Runners, our local chapter was blessed in adopting Diablos FrontRunners as the name to go on the international registry where members of other FrontRunners in other cities are able to locate us and visit us when in town.

We need your membership to make other goals a reality. To influence what FrontRunners could become. To make of it what you want. We are malleable. We just need you! Come and be part of an exciting new running club in San Antonio: Diablos FrontRunners.