League Rules

Sport Director 

Diego Prieto 


Murray Van Eman  

Sand Volleyball League Rules

Diablos OutSports Association has the following league rules to prepare you for league play. Please handle all violations in a respective manner, polite tone and redo the play if there is a continued disagreement. Also be aware that all players who sign the waiver are responsible for knowing and abiding by the rules.

1. Accept and understand the seriousness of your responsibility.
2. Be on time, be prepared by warming up and ready to play at game time.
3. Show respect for opponents at all times.
4. Respect contest officials as impartial decision makers and contest managers. Accept decisions despite the impact on the contest. Control emotions.
5. Understand the rules of the game. Understand that the rules are intended to provide safe control of a contest.
6. Accept victories or losses with self-control, poise and dignity.
7. Treat opponents as you would wish to be treated.
8. Refrain from harassment, taunting or degrading commentary about opponents, officials or teammates.
9. Avoid disrespectful language or conduct, trash talk or profanity.
10. Demonstrate respect for officials’ opinions and judgments at all times.


A team must register and select a Skill Level (Beginner, Intermediate, or Advance; or, Recreational or Competitive)
Individuals must register and select a Skill Level (Beginner, Intermediate, or Advance).

A team must register a minimum of 4 players but can play with a minimum of 2 players (max of 6 on the court).

Any team who is found playing with a unregistered player, will forfeit any game in question.

Players who perform at a higher skill level during the season may be uprated. If a player is uprated, they will be officially notified and their skill level will commence the next season and a record will be made of the new skill level. This is to ensure no player/team can violate the good spirit.

3. PLAYOFF : The playoff format will be as follows:
Teams will be seeded base on their overall record. Double elimination format, with one game to 21 points

The first two games are to 21 pts (No Cap), winning by 2, and the third game is to 15 points.

A schedule will be posted with dates and start time. Games will start on time.
First game will be forfeited if team is late longer than 7 minutes from the start time and/or with less than 2 players for the first game. Second game will be forfeited if team is 15 minutes late from the start time and/or with less than 2 players.

Each team is responsible for bringing their own volleyball.

No contact with the net is ever legal, including on a follow-through. (Exception: when the ball hits the net into a player’s hands.)

If contact is made with an opponent player where it interferes with the opponent player to play the ball, the ball and point will be given to the opponent’s team. Touching an opponent who is not near the ball is not a violation.
When the ball is driven into the net, causing it to touch an opponent, no fault is committed.
To touch the opponent’s court with any part of the body is permitted provided that it does not interfere with the opponent’s play

A player may reach over the net to block any ball, provided that ball has been intentionally guided by their opponent toward his or her court. A player may not block a set, and may not touch a ball that has not yet broken the plane of the net.
A block does not count as a hit; in fact, the blocker may then touch the ball again as the team’s first contact.

A team will be granted two 30-second time outs per game.

12. Substitutions

1) You may not have more than the amount of rostered players. So if your roster is 5 Players you may only have 5 players. You may NOT add another player to bring your team to 6. That is an illegal substitution. Any team caught doing this will forfeit that first match.

2) If you do need a substitution it must be a paid registered volleyball player. Any team caught with an unregistered player will forfeit that match. 


Beginner/Recreational Division
Teams can have as many registered players with a Beginner, Intermediate or Advance level players but only 2 Intermediate.  If the team is playing with 4 or less players, only 1 Intermediate player may play at any one time.
Example: Team Dog has 4 Beginner Level players and 4 Intermediate players registered on their team. During play, 4 Beginner level players and 2 Intermediate level players start the game. If one Beginner level player stops playing/rotates out, a Beginner level player can rotate in but not a 3rd Intermediate level player.

The serve and / or any first hit of the team, may be received with close hands, a bump or open hand (finger) to pass a service ball.  “Let” serves are permitted.

A set can be done with open hands (fingers) or a bump. If a set is done with open hands (fingers), it is NOT a violation if the set is not clean

Teams may have 9 registered players with a Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level player (No More Than two advanced if no advanced division is available).

The serve and / or any first hit of the team, may be received with close hands or be bumped. A player cannot use an open hand (finger) to pass a service ball.  “Let” serves are permitted.

The ball must not be caught and/or thrown. A set can be done with a bump or open hands (fingers). If a set is done with open hands (fingers), the set must be clean. No set overs are allowed and Bump sets that go over are legal.

Open hand touches, tips, and dinks are illegal. The ball can be hit with a close hand or knuckle.

5. Push overs with closed hands is allowed. Any open hand push over is illegal.

6. Rotation  – A team with more than 4 players must rotate and maintain that rotation through out the game. If a team is caught out of rotation that team loses their serve and gives a point to the opposing team. 

7. Substitution – You may substitute up the number of players on your roster and they must be registered volleyball players.


1. Team Structure, Rotation and Game Play

Team may have 9 players on the roster but only 4 are allowed on the court. If a team has more than 4 players then a rotation is mandatory unless that team declares the other players will not be playing in the set. This has to be done before the set is started or else a rotation must happen. In the event that it is not declared that team will lose its serve and give up a point and either declare to play all of its players or not. If they choose not to play all then the 4 on the court must stay the entire set. There will be no switching out players at any time during play.

Sets should be as clean as possible. Bump sets are perfectly okay. A slight rotation in an open handed set is okay but Please use the honor system and call your sets. If there is a disagreement then a replay is to be done. There will be no set overs allowed!!

Push overs with closed hands is legal. Open handed push overs are illegal.

Dinks are not acceptable unless it is made with a closed fist or knuckle. 

The net is not to be touched AT ALL. Please call your nets and use the honor system. 

 A ball may be received with open hands if it is hard driven. Meaning it must travel in a straight manner with no arch and the player hitting the ball must have left the ground i.e. jump when executing the hit. Roll hits are not considered a hard driven ball and must be received with a bump or closed hands. 


AVP rules apply otherwise.  Any question regarding rules interpretation will be resolved by the Sports Director, co-Directors, or a Diablos board member, as applicable.